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Decorate Masterpiece cookies with me

A simple step by step approach for creating beautiful cookies!

Hi! I'm JoAnn Anthony, and I've been teaching cookie decorating for over two years now. I created this virtual masterclass because as a busy mom, I realized that not everyone has the TIME or ABILITY to come to an in-person class. For me, basketball or soccer games, sick kids, or other responsibilities always creeps in and carves away from the already super small "Mommy Time".  

I also realized that no matter where the class is located, there were always others that wanted to attend but couldn't because it was just too far away.  

A third thing that I realized was that no matter how long the class is, there are always things that get left out because you simply can't teach EVERYTHING about cookie decorating in a two-hour time period.

I created this masterclass to be there when you are ready to decorate, available for you and your kids to take part in without the hassle of meeting up in person. 

So that you can create and be creative on your own time and schedule and be supported through the transformation.

Let's decorate MASTERPIECE cookies!

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Who is the Masterclass for?

The Cookie Decorating Masterclass was created with YOU in mind. Do you

Love creating beauty

Love seeing the joy in the eyes of your family and friends when they see these beautiful desserts that you created

Love seeing and hearing people gush over your creations

Love being creative

Love the process of making something beautiful out of nothing

If so, then this masterclass was created for you. So that you can incorporate a love of decorating and a creative outlet into your busy life.  

What exactly are these masterclasses?

I've been teaching a cookie decorating class in my local Texas area for over two years. Over the years, I developed a technique to teach the principles of cookie decorating and make it super easy for first time decorators to learn how to pipe and decorate cookies. The techniques are super simple - if you can follow along, then you can decorate these cookies. 

With the masterclass you get a virtual front row seat to these classes each month:

  • you get all of the lessons provided in a virtual format that you can come back and watch anytime that you want, 
  • you get video searching capablity to search for and watch the exact area that you want
  • you get live-streaming access to take part in the class from wherever you are in the world
  • you get to ask questions and get behind the scenes access
  • and more...

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Imagine having a complete cookie decorating masterclass each month!

That's right! You get virtual access to a cookie decorating masterclass. These classes cover everything from airbrushing, using edible glitters, fondant, stenciling, icing consistencies, and more. 

Master Class Monthly Membership includes...

Monthly Cookie Decorating Masterclass 

A Monthly Interactive Live Streamed Cookie Decorating Class


Easily access the couse training from whereever you are in the world and at anytime.

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Download design sheets, recipes, supply lists and other materials with ease and when you need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the training live?

All of the training is pre-recorded and produced so that you can go through the course at your own speed.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends. You decide when you start and when you finish. It is a completely self-paced course.

What if I've never decorated a cookie before?

Then this course is perfect for you. I thouroughly explain each consistency and technique in a way that is easy to follow along. I've taught hundreds in my years teaching cookie decorating, and many are able to decorate beautifully with my instruction.

What format is the training in?

The training is in video format with downloadables, printables, and reference materials.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you will have lifetime access to the course, across all devices that you own.

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What are people saying?

Look at the cookies from some of my decorators after just one class!

What you get?

Here's what you get with your Monthly Masterclass Membership:

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Who's behind the cookie decorating masterclass? 

Hey, I'm JoAnn Anthony! I am the creator of the Cookie Decorating Masterclass. There are over 15 months of Masterclasses inside and it grows each month as a completely new class is added!

A few fun facts about myself...

1. I started my online journey by sharing recipes that my grandmother was fond of.

2. I've been teaching cookie decorating in my local area for about 2.5 years.

3. I've been teaching cookie decorating online through social media for a little over a year now.

4. I am an 8 year US Army Veteran.

5. I have an MBA and after so many years found a way to bridge my skillset with my passion. I'm determined now to help others find and develop their passion, because it's so important!

6. I am a wife and a mom to three kids; two of them are 4 and under!

7. I work full-time from home building my business and helping others build their own sweet businesses!